Aktivitäten auf dem Meer

From swimming with dolphins to wave sports, the island has all the conditions to offer you a huge diversity of sea activities. Given its geographical situation, the island offers excellent conditions for the practice of wave sports in various contexts: beach breaks, reef breaks and point breaks. There are a number of places that can be chosen by the practitioner, according to the conditions and the time of year. The swell is usually consistent, the natural beauty of the places is an acquired fact, but the water temperature is probably the aspect that most enchants surf lovers. Praia da Vitória bay offers fantastic conditions for sailing and water sports, with strong praise from world and European champions participants in the various championships already held in this place, providing moments of encounter and training for the main sailors of the international ranking. Deep sea and cetacean lovers can experience unique emotions when watching and swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat. There is also the possibility of getting to know the island’s slopes by kayak, canoe or stand up paddle, exploring areas of translucent water and caves lost in the ocean. For fishing lovers, there are options for sport fishing.

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