Dragon Head

Mystic Landscape Architecture

A mysterious monument (of “grave” kind) found on Serra do Cume, fulfills the old aspiration of preserving memories of deceased heroes in a secret tomb. Here the door sustains the roof, blocking access of the chamber.

The inside of the dolmen (impossible to go in given the type of door erected) can only be seen through small opens. It seems to fulfill the ancient aspiration of finding a way to maintain restricted the grave of chief figures.

The construction, positioned on a lateral slope of Serra do Cume, ESE position, takes the form of a Dragon when seen by means of “birds ‘eye”. Alongside its body the figure also shows a horizontal stone on the area of the abdomen, chapped in triangular profile, similar to a boat.

The area is surrounded by menhires of diverse sizes, some with inscriptions, others cut out in the shape of animals, like a lamb or a whale.

In spiritualist language the boat being both the god (who carries the souls) and the means to transport the souls to after life.

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