Three Goddesses

Mystic Landscape Architecture

Apparently, it is possible to find here expressed in the architecture of the landscape, the mystics of “Trinity” through the feature of the “Three Goddesses” – in reference to the old Spirit of the “ternary concept” (Sumerian/Babylonian/Greek).

It is represented by “Nature” or natural elements, articulated in clusters of three components each.

The kind of rupestral landscape to find in Terceira Island is characterized by very simple rustic signals, sometimes difficult to be perceived.
In result it demands great concentration observing not only each object/site but also its distribution on the area, where they are disperse on the terrain but in connection with each other.

Here in Group 1, it is possible to observe the combination of “natural marks” with others man-made, forming clusters of three elements – as in the archaic tradition where complex systems of accounting could as well integrate cosmic, spiritual, plus charm and invocative practices, as seems to occur in this place:

1 – Three outcrops
2 – Three “goddesses”
3 – Three “Wild beings”
4 – Three “Green faces”
5 – Three lines of benches
5b – Three groups of three basins each
6 – Representation of the Dragon (with a basin)
7 – Representation of a reptile over two basins

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