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Terceira Island Jeep Tour

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Terceira Island Jeep Tour

With seven comfortable seats, seat belts and air conditioning, our vehicles are always available to show you the island in great comfort in a way that you could not see only from the paved road.

Through roads only accessible to this type of vehicle, it is with ComunicAir that you will get to know amazing places and wonderful landscapes, overlooking to the inside of a volcano or the blue Atlantic that surrounds us.

We are going to show you other island, getting to know all you wanted and what you didn’t suspect that exist. And we go with time, without scheduled time to finish, and the return time will be defined by you and by your desire to explore and enjoy every corner of this enchanted island.

Our tour around the island will show you hidden places out off the usual circuit and will make you know the Island in a different way.

Along the coast or inside a volcano, discover with ComunicAir the secrets of Terceira. Come with us to a pasture and experience milking a cow or learn how wine is made at the village of Biscoitos.

At lunch time, taste the delicious “Alcatra”, a dish of rump cooked for 6 hours to intensify all flavours and textures, at the best typical food restaurant of the island, with a friendly and homely atmosphere. Opportunity also to visit the “Algar do Carvão”.

At the end of the day, you will have a better perception of the island as a whole.

The tour includes guide, insurance, lunch and transfers.

EXTENSION: 110 km (68 miles)

PRICES: GROUPS (2 A 3 People): 85,00€ / person GROUPS (4 A 12 People): 70,00€ / person

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