Bird Watching in Terceira

The island of Terceira is a hotspot for rarities and for the visit of endangered species, especially in and around Praia da Vitória. Due to its location and characteristics, the island provides migratory birds with refuge, feeding and resting areas.

The island features some internationally renowned bird-watching spots, including the marsh Paul da Praia da Vitória, located in the city’s urban center, which is rare in the region of Macaronesia, the marsh Paul da Pedreira do Cabo da Praia, internationally known as the best site in the Western Palearctic for spotting birds from North America, and the marsh Paul do Belo Jardim.

Bird watching should be done in a way that does not interfere with the natural behavior of the different species and preferably accompanied by a guide.

You can get more information about the places and birds to watch at:

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