Diving and Snorkeling

By: Alexandre Jacinto, graduated in sports sciences and physical education and professional diver. “The underwater discovery on Terceira Island is fascinating! It is possible to enjoy the most diverse underwater scenarios such as the archaeological park of Angra, the small islets, the underwater undersides, caves and reefs of volcanic rock. Exploring the underwater world, among the ballet of the many species of fish that inhabit the volcanic bottoms, is a unique and unforgettable experience that can be provided by the various diving professionals on the island. On the other hand, if you prefer, just put on a mask, a tube and some fins! It is enough to enjoy the most shallow underwater world on Terceira island. Visibility is excellent for observing, through snorkeling, the various marine species and abrupt rock formations that hide in the submerged world of the island. Useful Link: Terceira Scuba Diving Spots Downloads: Diving Guide – Terceira Island

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