Terceira Island Trails

The island has several official routes, duly marked, with different levels of difficulty and that can be carried out independently, or with specialized companies that help with interpretation and safety.

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Passagem das Bestas

Circular| Difficulty - Medium| 4 Km| 2h30

Rocha do Chambre

Circular| Difficulty - Medium| 8.8 Km| 2h30m

Algar do Carvão - Furnas do Enxofre

Circular| Difficulty - Medium| 6.6 Km| 2h30

Baías da Agualva

Linear| Difficulty - Medium| 3.8 Km| 2h00

Fortes de São Sebastião

Linear| Difficulty - Easy| 5.7 Km| 2h30m

Malha Grande - Biscoitos

Linear| Difficulty - Medium| 14.2 km| 3h30m

Mistérios Negros

Circular| Difficulty - Hard| 4.9 Km| 2h30m

Relheiras de São Brás

Circular| Difficulty - Easy| 5 Km| 2h00m


Linear| Difficulty - Medium| 6.8 Km| 2h30m

Monte Brasil

Circular| Difficulty - Medium| 7.4 Km| 2h30m

West Great Rout

Linear| Difficulty - Hard| 31.2 Km| 10h00m

Code of Ethics and Conduct for Pedestrians

1 – Carefully read the route map and instructions, checking if it suits your physical condition; 2 – Check the weather forecast and the trail conditions; 3 – Inform someone where you are going and the time of return; 4 – Make sure you have the necessary clothing and accessories; 5 – Take a first-aid kit, a mobile phone for emergency contacts and drinking water; 6 – Pay attention to brands and other landmarks; 7 – Stay on the marked route; 8 – Set a right rhythm and take breaks whenever necessary; 9 – Bring all the garbage with you and deposit it in an appropriate place; 10 – Do not take geological samples or disturb livestock; 11 – Close all the gates you open; 12 – Keep your pets under control.

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