Noting the remarkable growth that has been observed in Tourism of the Azores Archipelago, the Azores Touch project was born, aiming to create a range of solutions in order to make people who visit the Azores feel at home, and always in contact with the local community and culture. We have three service areas, local accommodation of different types, rent-a-car & bike and unforgettable experiences of activities related to nature and culture and local customs.

Starting with local accommodation, Azores Touch has Rural Tourism and Housing houses, licensed and prepared with all conditions, including the requirements arising from the pandemic season in which we find ourselves, to receive tourists and visitors in Terceira and Graciosa Islands.

The rent-a-car & bike service aims to provide a fleet of vehicles and bicycles, providing an integrated service of experiences-stay-transport to tourists and visitors.

To complete the range of solutions, we offer the possibility for people to experience unique and unforgettable experiences, consisting of offering services and solutions to promote entertainment and entertainment activities for tourists visiting the Azores, offering agritourism experiences, tours, maritime activities, nature, cultural and radical. AzoresTouch offers a wide range of tourist activities, complemented by a commitment to an integrated offer with partners in the most varied areas of tourist entertainment.

With these three areas of activity, it is possible to provide the best experience and insertion in the community and local culture to those who visit us, from when they make a reservation in one of our accommodations, until their departure. At Azores Touch we believe that we make friendships for the future, betting and aiming for people to visit the Azores again. Always with the Terceira islanders motto “Make yourself at home!”.

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