Império do Espírito Santo da Caridade

The Império do Espírito Santo da Caridade is located in the parish of Santa Cruz, municipality of Praia da Vitória, located in Largo das Figueiras do Paim

The date of its construction dates back to the second quarter of the 20th century, to the year 1941.

This brotherhood celebrates a feast in honor of the Divine Holy Spirit on the last Sunday of September.

This Sunday, the procession of the Holy Spirit takes place to the parish church of Santa Cruz, where a festive mass is celebrated with a coronation following the mass.

After the coronation, the procession goes to the empire where bread and wine are distributed, which were blessed by the parish priest, by all the people who were there, as well as by the brothers who, at that time, were not present.

The festivities continue until the following Thursday and during these days various activities of a cultural nature can be attended.

The festive program usually ends with a rope bullfight the following Saturday.


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