Império do Espírito Santo da Feteira

The Império do Espírito Santo da Feteira, also known as the Império do Divino Espírito Santo da Ponta Nova, is located in the parish of Feteira, municipality of Angra do Heroísmo, located in Ponta Nova of that parish.

Its construction dates from the second quarter of the 20th century, namely in the year 1928.

This Brotherhood celebrates the feast of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost and Trinity Sundays. The festivities in praise of the Divine Holy Spirit, promoted by this brotherhood, begin on the Sunday before Pentecost, the sixth after Easter, with the transfer of crowns, flags and poles to the Empire, where they remain until Trinity Sunday.

During these two weeks, the rosary is prayed at night by the brothers of the bodos. After the recitation of this prayer, the people present have at their disposal a table with “food and drink”.

On Saturday morning, the meat is cut up and then the brotherhoods are offered to the brothers of the bodo. Likewise, cattle breeders are offered large slices of meat, milk bread, a platter with rice pudding and wine.

Still in the morning, on Saturday, a lunch is served for those who help in the affairs of the empire. In the afternoon, the so-called “matracozes” are made for the brothers of the bodo.

On Sunday, the solemn coronation mass takes place, after which the cortege returns to the empire, and then the bodo: bread is distributed to all those present. These processions of the Holy Spirit from the empire to the church and vice versa are accompanied by the parish philharmonic. Once the procession to return to the empire is over, the musicians of the philharmonic are invited, on the second bodo – Trinity Sunday, to a lunch that takes place at the empire’s premises.

Still on Sunday night, tables with snacks are placed at the disposal of those present and auctions are made with the offers of the brothers, whose proceeds revert to the brotherhood.

All these procedures and initiatives are repeated the following week, that is, the one before Trinity Sunday.

At the end of the party, the accounts of the empire are presented to the brothers present. The commissions of the empire are composed of two elements, elected for a period of two years. Once these are over, on the day of “Corpo Deus” they are replaced and appointed by the new officers for the following two years. Every year, at the end of the holidays, the accounts of the empire are presented.


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