Império do Espírito Santo da Rua da Igreja

The Império do Espírito Santo da Rua da Igreja, also known as Império do Meio da Rua, is located in the parish of Ribeirinha, municipality of Angra do Heroísmo, located on Rua da Igreja parochial, of this parish.

The date of construction of this empire dates back to the end of the last quarter of the 19th century, namely to the year 1898.

This empire has two flags of the Holy Spirit, five crowns, respective scepters and salvers, as well as a staff.

The festival takes place on the days of Pentecost (1st bodo) and Trindade (2nd bodo). In the periods that precede the realization of the two bodos, parades are held through the parish with the singing of the little foot, the trip to the wine, the recitation of the rosary, the raising of the Brotherhoods, dinners are offered to the brothers, creators and guests.

On Pentecost and Trinity days, the bodos are distributed in honor of the Divine Holy Spirit, followed by a mass for the souls of deceased brothers and sisters. Throughout the night, there is a festival, philharmonic concerts, auctions, the delivery of grants from Espírito Santo and the appointment of attorneys for the following year.

On Monday in Espírito Santo, in the afternoon, there is the distribution of Bodo to the Brothers and at night, auctions are held, followed by cultural events of a different nature. The 2nd bodo festival usually ends with a rope bullfight in the parish.

This Empire stands out for being the only one on Terceira Island where the figure of the “almoneiros” existed, four butlers dressed in the same way, carrying a staff painted in bright colors and a hand-embroidered linen bag, to transport the wheat, when from the collection for Segundo Bodo, Trinity Sunday. Originally located in the atrium of the Parish Church of São Pedro da Ribeirinha, it was transferred to its current location in the 1920s.

It became known as Império do “Meio da Rua”, as it is located in the center of the main artery of the parish.


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