Império do Espírito Santo da Santa Casa da Misericórdia

The Império da Santa da Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Angra do Heroísmo, is located in the parish of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, municipality of Angra do Heroísmo, located in Largo do Império, in the Home for the Elderly of the Stª Casa da Misericórdia de Angra do Heroísmo.

This property was built in 1998 and holds its feast in praise of the Divine Holy Spirit on the sixth Sunday after Easter, that is, the Sunday before Pentecost.

The festive program of this service begins on the Sunday before the celebration with the so-called “Change of Crown” of the brother’s house to whom the respective Sunday left for the Império da Santa Casa da Misericórdia. The parade is accompanied by a philharmonic.

Several activities of a cultural and religious nature are part of the party’s program, such as: the milk bodo, in which children from SCMAH Nurseries/Kindergarten and others participate.

All this public is offered milk and sovada dough. There are also performances by various cultural groups, namely in the area of folklore, polyphonic music and songs to the challenge.

Students from the Professional School of SCMAH, sometimes, also present some activities that enrich the cultural program of the party. Also during the week, there is a place to pray the rosary, to try your luck in the bazaar and to have a snack in the so-called “Tasca”.

On the Saturday before the day of the feast, the brotherhoods are paid. On Sunday, the coronation parade takes place, enlivened by a philharmonic, which departs from Rua de S. João, towards the Igreja da Misericórdia, where the festive coronation mass is celebrated.

After this liturgical act, the typical lunch called “function” takes place in the SCMAH pavilion, in S. Carlos, which consists of soup, stew and rump, ending with the so-called rice pudding.

As part of the program for these festivities, rope bullfights have sometimes been held on the street where the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Angra do Heroísmo is located.


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