Império do Espírito Santo da Serra da Ribeirinha

The Império do Espírito Santo da Serra da Ribeirinha, is located in the parish of Ribeirinha, municipality of Angra do Heroísmo, located in the Terreiro do Paço of this parish.

It was built in 1911, as a devotion and homage to the Divine Holy Spirit. This empire, also known as the “Terreiro do Paço Empire”, stands out from the others, as it has a crown, unique on Terceira Island, known as the “Crown of Joy”.

According to legend, this name comes from the joy of the people when seeing the lavas, which came from the eruption of the volcano of Algar do Carvão, deviate to the sea, in the place of Serretinha, parish of Feteira. Thus, the people came to prayer with the aforementioned crown of the Holy Spirit and the staff.

The Empire of Serra da Ribeirinha has 3 crowns of Espírito Santo, three flags and a staff. The realization of this cult always takes place on the Sundays of Pentecost and of the Holy Trinity. These festivities, of a charitable nature, are celebrated with respect and devotion by the entire parish and are intended to deliver the bodo to the most needy.

During the periods when the festivities of the two bodos are held, it is traditional to hold the supper of the creators, the ceremony of fetching the bodo wine, the singing of the foot, performances by musical groups – folklore and current music, concerts by philharmonic bands – festivals with lighting, bazaars and other cultural manifestations.

On Pentecost and Trinity Sundays, after the coronation masses, the bodo is distributed. On Pentecost Sunday, auctions are held in the afternoon and stewards are appointed for the following year.

The feast of the first bodo normally ends on the following Wednesday with a rope bullfight. On Thursday, the second bodo festivities begin, also with lighting, bazaars, performances by folk groups, philharmonics and guest artists, etc.

On Trinity Sunday, in the evening, it is customary to have concerts by philharmonics, followed by the drawing of the pilgrims to vigil and crown the following year. The party also ends with a rope bullfight, on the following Monday.


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