Império do Espírito Santo das Bicas

The Império do Espírito Santo das Bicas de Cape Verde, is located in the parish of São Pedro, municipality of Angra do Heroísmo.

It was built in the second half of the 20th century, in 1958. This brotherhood celebrates the cult of the Divine Holy Spirit on the Sunday following the feast of the Santíssima Trindade.

The feast of this brotherhood, like all others of the same nature, is made up of two essential parts: one of a religious nature and the other of a popular, cultural nature. The festive program of the Irmandade das Bicas de Cape Verde begins with the change of the crown to the empire on the Sunday before the coronation mass.

From that day on, and until the following Saturday, the rosary is recited at the end of the afternoon in the empire by all devotees of the Holy Spirit who wish to do so. Also part of this festivity’s program is the creators’ supper, performances by popular music groups and artists invited by the commission, philharmonic concerts, bazaar, auctions of offers made by the brothers, whose proceeds revert to the empire, etc.

Sometimes the traditional slaughter of the pig is carried out. Also during the week, on Friday, pensions consisting of bread, meat and wine are distributed. On Sunday, the procession of the Holy Spirit leaves the empire, accompanied by a philharmonic, and heads to the worship center, where a festive coronation mass is celebrated.

After the mass, there is a toasting bodo of massa sovada, bread and wine next to the empire and at the end of the afternoon there is a milk bodo, which can be followed by the performance of a musical group.

On this day, the portfolios are extracted and the commission for the following year is appointed. The festivities of this empire end, whenever possible, with rope bullfights in Lugar das Bicas in Cabo Verde and in Figueiras Pretas.


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