Império do Espírito Santo de Santa Bárbara

The Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit of Santa Bárbara is located in the parish of Santa Bárbara, municipality of Angra do Heroísmo, located at Rua das Sete.

It was founded in the last quarter of the 19th century, namely in 1876. This brotherhood celebrates festivities in honor of the Divine Holy Spirit on Pentecost and Trinity Sundays.

According to the statutes of this institution, which date from 1960, the seat of this brotherhood is the Império located in the center of the parish. The cult of the Divine Holy Spirit is a very strong and acclaimed religious tradition in this parish, located to the west of Terceira island.

In Santa Bárbara, stewards, assistants and other entities promote the worship of the Divine, through a special cult of recognition and love. Every year, this tradition is renewed and celebrated with due solemnity, on Pentecost and Holy Trinity Sundays.

In this way, throughout the week for which each butler is responsible, bread, wine and meat are distributed throughout the community and the rosary is said every day in the butler’s house. During the festive week, the massa sovada parade takes place, offerings are auctioned off, functions take place and, sometimes, there is even a rope bullfight. It is in this way and in this way that the Barbarian people maintain this tradition.


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