Império do Espírito Santo de São Carlos

The Império do Espírito Santo de São Carlos, is located in the parish of São Pedro, municipality of Angra do Heroísmo, Te, located in Largo de São Carlos.

It was built in the first quarter of the 19th century, in 1814. It is a bicentennial brotherhood that celebrates its feast in honor of the Divine Holy Spirit in September/October (movable date), making, however, the coronation in the last September weekend, as promised by the people of this place.

This brotherhood was formed, according to some historical accounts, as a result of a volcanic crisis of great proportions that occurred in the interior of Terceira in 1761, which, having lasted for several months, threatened the people residing in various parishes of the island, namely those of Lugar de São Carlos.

The people invoked the protection of the Divine Holy Spirit and the danger passed. This occurrence was seen as a miracle, for which reason it was marked with the founding of a Brotherhood of the Divine Holy Spirit and the holding of the feast of the empire to this day. This fraternity’s festival, which is one of the oldest on the island, normally lasts for 8/9 days.

Its program of activities includes a religious aspect and another of a recreational/cultural nature. The richness of these celebrations and the volume of activities to be carried out depend on the financial availability of their organizing committees for this purpose.

The feast of this empire begins with the change of the crown from the procurator’s house to the empire, on the Sunday before the coronation. Throughout the week, at the end of the day, there is the recitation of the rosary. At night, after the lighting opens, various activities of a cultural nature are held, namely the foot, the creators’ supper, the singing of the challenge, which usually brings together the most famous repentistas in São Carlos, performances by various musical groups and artists invited by the commission, philharmonic concerts, etc.

On Friday, pensions of meat, bread and wine are distributed to all brothers residing in this place, as well as to those residing in other parishes, and on Saturday the brotherhoods begin. The program also includes activities aimed at children. These festivities are known and famous for the traditional black pudding that can be tasted, at the weekend, in the various taverns existing at the venue.

On Sunday morning, people gather around the empire, followed by the procession of the Holy Spirit, accompanied by a philharmonic, to the Church of S. Carlos, where a festive coronation mass is celebrated.

On the same day, the appointment of the attorney is made and the portfolios for the following year are drawn. At night, after the lighting is on, it is customary to end that day with various cultural manifestations. The festivities of S. Carlos end, on the following Monday, with a bodo de leche and with the traditional bullfight of S. Carlos, which gathers hundreds of fans from all over Terceira island in that place.


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