Império do Espírito Santo do Porto Martins

The Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit of Porto Martins, is located in the parish of Porto Martins, municipality of Praia da Vitória, located in Largo do Comendador Pamplona, ​​in front of the parish church of the aforementioned parish.

The date of its foundation dates back to April 16, 1902, as shown on its facade. The so-called coronations of the Divine Holy Spirit take place in this parish from Easter Sunday to Holy Trinity Sunday.

According to ancient documents belonging to this empire, as early as 1869, the cult of the Divine Holy Spirit was practiced in this parish. In 1882, a crown of the Holy Spirit was donated by an unknown person, which still exists today, and which is considered a true relic of great value and esteem by the people of this parish.

In that distant time, the existing empire was made of wood. Thanks to the Lord Commander of Porto Martins, in 1902, at his own expense, a new empire and a pantry were built.

In 1980, a strong earthquake, which shook the islands of Terceira, Graciosa and S. Jorge, destroyed the empire, and its reconstruction was carried out in 1982/83, thanks to the significant help of the Regional Government at the time and the population in general.

This Brotherhood has all the implements necessary to perform the coronations that take place annually. The primitive crown of Espírito Santo, given its antiquity (prior to 1882), in addition to its real and artistic value, has another of an estimative nature, since it is the first symbol of the Holy Spirit that served this brotherhood, for more than of a century.

In order to ensure the preservation of this jewel in the parish’s treasure, a youth commission was set up in 1982 with the aim of raising funds for the acquisition of a new crown to replace the original one, a fact that came to fruition. .

Thus, with the support of the entire community, two crowns were purchased that are currently serving the said brotherhood. The Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit of Porto Martins on Pentecost and Holy Trinity Sundays, on the so-called bodo days, after the festive coronation masses, distributes bread and wine to the brothers and other people present in the church square.

In the afternoon, on these days, the people of the parish gather at the aforementioned place to fraternize and snack on the traditional drained fava beans, lupins, massa sovada, etc., and to drink the tasty scent wine of that locality.

While the festival takes place, auctions are carried out, the portfolios are drawn and the butlers are appointed for the two bodos of the following year.


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