Império do Espírito Santo dos Inocentes da Guarita

The Brotherhood of the Holy Spirit of the Empire of the Innocents of Guarita, is located in the parish of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, municipality of Angra do Heroísmo, located at Rua da Guarita.

Its construction dates back to the beginning of the last century, namely to the year 1901.

The celebration of the cult to the Third Person of the Holy Trinity takes place in the months of July/August, as it is a variable date.

Arnaldo Lobão was one of the founders of this brotherhood, which has an Administrative Board, a Supervisory Board, a General Assembly and a Festivities Commission as its managing bodies.

This brotherhood’s feast follows the traditional procedures of worshiping the Divine Holy Spirit, which begins with the removal of the crown from the emperor’s house to the empire, where the rosary is recited at night by all those interested.

The festival program consists of initiatives of a religious and profane nature. The religious part, normally, does not change, but the one referring to cultural initiatives is always dependent on the funds acquired for its realization.

Thus, during the period of the festival, there is a place for the traditional Pezinho, Supper of the Creators, Singing that brings together several repentistas in that place, Alms Delivery, Bodo de Leite, etc..

On the Sunday of the feast, the procession takes place, accompanied by a philharmonic, which leaves the empire and heads to the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, where a solemn mass is celebrated for the intentions of the brothers present and for the souls of the deceased.

That same day, in the evening, the Emperors are drawn, together with the empire, for each of the eight Sundays following Easter. The list of Brothers who have fallen into lot for the eight Sundays is posted in the form of an edict in the empire.

The Irmandade Festivities Committee is appointed, for a period of one year, by the previous outgoing Committee.

It is usual for these parties to be enlivened with concerts by the philharmonic, with performances by groups of varied music, with fado nights, etc.

The party usually ends with a rope bullfight on Rua da Guarita, which sometimes takes place at night, around 9 pm.


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