Ourivesaria Teles

Ourivesaria Teles

Ourivesaria Teles, founded in 1928, is the oldest on Terceira Island and the second oldest in the Azores.

Since always at Rua Direita nº85 – Angra do Heroísmo, where still remains the so-called Mother shop.

More recently in 2001, in the village of Velas in São Jorge, the first step of its expansion was inaugurated, inaugurating a new store that combines several synergies, reproducing the image of the mother store.

Two new concepts were created in 2008, also in Rua Direita, in Angra do Heroísmo city center:

Teles – Momentos com Valor is a modern, socializing and vocation space for sophisticated classical jewelery, fashion jewelery, collectible jewelery, including jewelery inspired by the Azores’ nature, especially in endemic shrubs, using materials such as basalt and glass volcanic.

Horas & Objectos – Momentos com Estilo (Hours & Objects – Moments with Style), innovative, dynamic and dedicated boutique for watches, accessories and objects of brand, fashion and collection for men and women. Sophisticated souvenirs featuring 3D engraving on crystal objects.

Business Hours
9:30 - 18:30
9:30 - 18:30
9:30 - 18:30
9:30 - 18:30
9:30 - 18:30
10:00 - 13:00

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