Porto Martins Bay Apartments (AL)

Porto Martins Bay Apartments (AL)

At Porto Martins Bay Apartments we are committed to offer one of the best stay experiences for anyone visiting Terceira Island. We offer great accommodation in an exceptional location that will make you feel at home and make your vacation unforgettable.

We’re located by the ocean in the beautiful parish of Porto Martins. These local accommodation units, surrounded by an exotic garden, provide comfort, convenience and a very pleasant and relaxing view where you and the ocean are separated by just a few steps. Right in front of the apartments there is a small access to the sea that does the wonders of those who love taking a relaxing bath away from the crowds. There are other bathing areas nearby such as the famous natural pools of Porto Martins.

With a capacity to host up to 6 people each, the apartments have great amenities, making them the ideal choice for a family or a group holiday.

It’s located just a mere 15 minutes’ drive from the airport. The facilities are classified as local accommodation and consist of 2 entirely equipped twin T2 apartments, each with an area of ​​100 square meters. The apartments are located right in the center of Porto Martins, close to the Church. Both apartments have a balcony, living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and a bathroom.

Around the apartments there’s an exotic garden devotedly embellished by the owners. In this garden you can find some of the most typical flowers in the Azores landscape.

Well-equipped, with spacious spaces and a fresh atmosphere, our accommodation provides one of the best holiday experiences in Terceira Island, with everything you may need to make you feel at home.

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