Quinta Rico

Quinta Rico (AL)
The property has a total area of 5000m2 of which about 4000 m2 in orchards. In the farm you will find a variety of fruit trees such as apple, orange, black hearts and banana trees. There is also a small garden and a small vineyard, some animals such as chickens, ducks, turkeys and rabbits. During the months of September and October you may participate in picking fruit. Come relax in this natural paradise still preserved and decorated with small pieces of time where you can relax and enjoy your privacy.
The House
The house was rebuilt in the 80’s after an earthquake hit the island. It was then acquired and improved by the current owners for more comfort and current requirements. With a total area of approximately 200 m2, the house has 11 rooms, 3 double bedrooms, 1 single, 1 triple bedroom and 2 bathrooms. The large kitchen is fully equipped. The living room has a fireplace and is fully furnished with a TV / DVD player, Wi-Fi Internet, fridge and washer / dryer, hair dryer, iron and ironing board.
The Location
Quinta Rico is located on the northern Coast of Terceira Island, in the small village of Quatro Ribeiras. It’s situated on a rocky massive seafront at high elevation, and is crossed by four small rivers; Ribeira Grande, Ribeira Pequena, Ribeira Seca and Ribeira do Almeida, (This where the village gets it’s name from). According to history, this was the landing place of the Portuguese explorers and the first settlement of the island.
Quinta Rico is located about 250m from the village Centre. About 200 meters from the market and 500 meters from the bathing area of Quatro Ribeiras commonly called as natural pools.
These natural pools are in a high cliff zone, which is classified as a Community Interest Zone and is surrounded by abundant endemic flora typical of forests in the Macaronesian laurel forest.
These rock formations, where the pools were formed, originate from solidified lava, known as basaltic rock. For centuries they have been continuously shaped by the crashing waves forming depressions and cavities that seawater now occupies. This area receives the water from the river Ribeira Urzal, were harnessed water is used to fuel the existing water mills.
These pools provide good conditions for bathing and are equipped with toilets and showers facilities, bar and surveillance. At 5km one can also find the famous natural swimming pools in the small village of Biscoitos .
Despite its northern location, the Farm is only 14 km from Lajes Airport and 17km from the town of Praia da Vitória. The town of Angra do Heroismo is located about 21 km south taking just 25 min drive from the interior of the island where you can observe the beautiful landscapes and local flora, as well as land used for grazing of bulls for the famous rope bullfights of Terceira Island.
Every year on the first Wednesday and Thursday of August there is the traditional rope bullfight in the village of Quatro Ribeiras, which can be seen from the house.
Business Hours
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