Mónica Lice

She was born and lived up to 18 years old in Raminho. Terceira Island is one of the places in her heart, because she was born there, but also because the life experience made her
see how beautiful her land is. As much as she has traveled to the four corners of the world, she is fully aware that the Azores are unique in beauty, in nature, and that Terceira is a little
corner of the sky, for its landscapes and, of course, for its people, so friendly and welcoming.

She likes the festivities of Holly Spirit very much, where she tries to participate whenever possible, but Carnival is undoubtedly one of his favorite parties. I love dances and ballet
with passion – where I actively participated until I came to study in Lisbon.
Raminho, always have a special taste, which, at this moment, he is already trying to pass on to his daughters, insisting that the summer holidays coincide with the
end of August, which is the time when they take place. She is also a fan of the Sanjoaninas – which he follows from a distance, but which always touch his heart.

The rump and the soups of Holly Spirit, are the dishes that leave her with more water, but she says that any meat dish, from our cows, is always delicious, as well as fish and seafood,
very fresh and very tasty.Also delirious with cheese and kneaded dough.

She has several fun stories lived on the island, because 18 years of his life were spent in Terceira. She highlights a different activity, which is particularly special to him: the Procession
of Abalos, which takes place in Raminho, once a year, at the time of spring. It starts at dawn and runs through part of the parish (about 6 km), until Mata da Serreta, where a quick celebration
takes place. It is a special procession, for its symbolism, and particularly beautiful, for the view that allows to reach. Monica challenges all believers to do it, at least once in their lives.

A perfect day in Terceira is spent with her as a family, and should include a dip in the Biscoitos, a meal of fresh fish overlooking the sea, a walk through the streets of Angra and ending
with a dance, at a popular party in any parish.

By Mónica Lice, 38, blogger and businesswoman

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