Sara Freitas

She was born and lived on the island of Terceira until he was 20 years old. Sara is a defender of the island for its cheerful and hospitable people, for the varied shades of green, as well as
the black volcanic rocks that contrast with the blue of the sea and that offer a beautiful landscape that transmits an enormous tranquility. The city Angra do Heroísmo is a world heritage site,
being an interesting tourist spot with its centuries-old architecture, cobbled streets, churches and museums. ”

A special corner that has the craze that is yours, is Monte Brasil. “In addition to nature, it offers a view of the beautiful city of Angra do Heroísmo.”

If a friend of Sara’s is going to visit Terceira, she can not miss the “Biscoitos, Algar do Carvão, Serra do cume, Farol das Contendas, Mata da Serreta, Gruta do Natal and, of course, the city of Angra do Heroísmo. ”

The postal type photo, saying “I was here”, for her must be taken at the Memory with a view of our city.

The typical habit or tradition of the island and which he appreciates most are the Holy Ghost Festivals. “It is interesting how the Terceira people live these parties with such faith!”

He considers that Sanjoaninas are the most fun parties ever and the ones he lived with the most intensity. However, Carnival, with the greatest expression of popular theater on the island, is also second to none, with its so-called “bailinhos” and when it is on the island it also tends to live intensely.

In terms of gastronomy, what makes Sara mouth water is the rump, the fish and the regional sweets.

Every year for the Serreta Festivities, people go on a pilgrimage to Nª Srª dos Milagres. As at this time of year Sara is usually in Brazil, on Christmas holidays, together with two friends,
she usually makes this pilgrimage having become a tradition of theirs. On the way, they insist on always passing in the Vaquinha Cheese factory!

A perfect day in Terceira for Sara is to wake up early on a beautiful summer day and take a dip in Silveira, then head to Biscoitos and take another dip in the “abyss”. Return to Angra, take a boat trip and see dolphins. At night, have a fish dinner and then go to a party (there are parties all summer) and have a sangria.

By Sara Freitas, 33 years old, actress


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