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The joy of the people!

There is no island like ours as far as the festivities are concerned, and we are determined to preserve and value the art of welcoming people.

Centered around picturesque chapels known as Impérios (literally, Empires), the Feasts of the Holy Spirit are intensely lived by the communities; the eight weeks between Easter Sunday and Trinity Sunday give way to festivities and to events where food is served to everyone, all of which enliven the different localities of the island.

The traditional Carnival Dances take place during Carnival; they are a unique display of popular theater. For three days, the islanders line the streets or gather in halls to avoid missing any of the so-called “dances” and “bailinhos.” During their performance, the members of each group stage a theater piece full of satire and social criticism.

The Sanjoaninas, festivities honoring St. John, take over the streets of Angra do Heroísmo during ten days in the month of June. Parades, musical concerts, bullfighting (in arenas and with bulls on a rope), food stands, theater performances, fireworks and sporting events culminate in the parade of the so-called popular marches on the eve of St. John’s Day.

In August, Praia da Vitoria offers a calendar full of events and proposals that you cannot refuse: the Praia Festivities include bullfights, exhibitions, parades, a food fair, concerts and nautical sporting events.

At the beginning of September, the Wine and Winemaking Festivities enliven Biscoitos, a village where winemaking is a tradition.

Angra do Heroísmo is also the stage for two important music festivals: the AngraRock Festival in September and the AngraJazz International Festival in October.

To this day, festivities in Terceira are spiced up by song duels, featuring singers that improvise verses and delight the audience.

Bullfighting is an ancestral activity and there are several active cattle ranches on the island. The activity is divided into bullfights in arenas and the typical bullfights with a bull on a rope*, in which a bull runs through the streets of a given locality tied to a long rope held by a group of men known as pastores (literally, shepherds). The bullfighting season runs from May 1 to October 15.

Safety recommendations about Rope Bullfighting

Carnival Without Owner
of the Terceira island

“More than a popular theater, it is a Carnival of dances, bailinhos and comedies, where criticism reigns and nobody leads to evil.”

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