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Azorean Bio Massage

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AZOREAN BIO MASSAGE is a new concept that is totally Azorean, biological and unique, of a deep body treatment, combined with relaxation and well-being. It is a ritual (1H45) that will take us to travel through the Azores, through its aromas, textures and palates, with pure biological ingredients of excellence, from the Azores Islands.

This concept was created to think of all those who are passionate about Nature and everything that comes from it … and for those who visit us, to better know and discover the wonders and riches that come from our Azores islands.

AZOREAN BIO MASSAGE brings you the opportunity to show our natural, biological and pure riches in a unique and sensorial way in synergy with moments of pure relaxation and well-being.


Green Tea Gorreana – Antiseptic and anti-oxidant.

Ground coffee – Rich in minerals, vitamin B, potassium, anti-oxidant, lightener and exfoliant.

Loofah – Ecological vegetable sponge with exfoliating action. Cryptomeria Japonica oil – Whitening action, working as a lightener.

Honey – Rich in proteins, vitamins A, C, Complex B, enzymes and minerals. Very nutritious. Moisturizing, detoxifying, anti-oxidant, natural exfoliating, regenerating, healing.

Donkey milk – Rich in proteins, in vitamin A, D E, C, B1, B2 and B12, minerals, Omega 3 and Omega 6. It is 70 times richer than cow’s milk. Nourishing and moisturizing, it stimulates collagen. Firming and rejuvenating, it is a powerful anti-oxidant soothing action regenerator.

Fennel – Fennel, was the magic herb of the Romans. Rich in minerals, vitamins, C, A and E. Anti-oxidant, soothing, antiseptic

Ritual Azores Brand – Certified by Nature

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Segunda a Sábado: das 09H00 às 20H00 | Domingo: dia de descanso

  • Address Rua Direita nº82 -Angra do Heroísmo | Rua Padre Damião nº 45 - Praia da Vitória

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