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Praia da Vitória Bay Kayak Tour

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Praia da Vitória Bay Kayak Tour

For those who want to have a first experience of sea kayaking in the Atlantic, enjoy the excellent conditions of the ‘Praia da Vitória’ bay, observing the city reflecting its’ white color in contrast with the green of the background landscape.

Come and see closer the unique blue of the Azores’ Ocean, in a quiet and relaxing tour with Comunicair, where you can take the opportunity to swim in 3 different beaches!

From the outside, discover another dimension of the island, discover other elements and let yourself slide on the water and finish the tour enjoying a hot azorean tea on the beach.

The tour includes guide, insurance, kayak, life-jacket, paddle and dry bag.

EXTENSION: 6 km (3.7 miles)
LEVEL: Easy 

PRICES: GROUPS (2 A 3 People): 60,00€ / person GROUPS (4 A 6 People): 45,00€ / person

  • Person Tiago Fortuna

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