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Tours Around the Island

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Tours Around the Island

With its strategic position, Terceira Island was, for centuries, the stop-over for several ships and sailors, being the city of Angra the major port of call in the Atlantic. The thousands of people and supplies that crossed the Atlantic throughout the centuries, used dock on these shores bringing riches and novelties to the population settled here. Disputes which marked the world’s history also reached here and left their marking on the architectural and cultural heritage.

This cultural influence also passed on to Nature, where we will find a blend of foreign vegetation from diferent parts of the world creating an harmonic landscape with the local vegetation, allowing us to appreciate exotic and exuberant forests for as far as the eyes can reach.

  • Address Estrada Dr. Marcelino Costa Moules, 104
    Cinco Ribeiras
    9700-321 Angra do Heroísmo

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