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São Mateus to Silveira Kayak Tour

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São Mateus to Silveira Kayak Tour

On the south coast, with departure from the picturesque fishing port of ‘São Mateus’, come with us to the ‘Monte Brasil’ hills passing by the coastline of ‘Silveira’ bay.

Let yourself get surprised again by the crystalline waters of the Azores sea. Come and see closer the ‘Monte Brasil’ fortifications and imagine the attacks of the pirates.

The tour includes guide, insurance, kayak, life-jacket, paddle snack and dry bag

EXTENSION: 9 km (5.5 miles)
LEVEL: Medium

PRICES: GROUPS (2 A 3 People): 60,00€ / person GROUPS (4 A 6 People): 45,00€ / person

  • Person Tiago Fortuna

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