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Walking Tours – 8 days Terceira Island

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Walking Tours – 8 days Terceira Island

A program that brings together our best walking routes, planned and designed for those who want to truly know the Terceira Island, far from the conventional paths.

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of our nature and enjoy the cultural and gastronomic richness.

Explore the unique landscape and way of life, accept Comunicair’s invitation and disconnect from the day-to-day life, relax and let time gain a new dimension.


Unlike what most people may think, it is possible to appreciate the beauty of the Azores during all year. The average temperatures range between 57ºF in the winter and 77ºF in the summer. Given that it is located in the mid-Atlantic, humidity in the Azores is often high. For any additional climate information, please check the weather forecast.

We recommend using waterproof walking boots once it is common to find wetlands among the trails. Select comfortable clothes and don’t forget the waterproof jacket because weather can change quickly. Use a padded shoulder strap backpack and don’t forget water and camera to record all the adventures and wonders that you are going to experience.

All activities start at 9am at Comunicair’s store. The program includes 7 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 3 picnic lunches and 2 dinners. A guide accompanies all walks and all transfers are included unless otherwise noted in the detailed program.

All activities are covered by personal accident and liability insurance.


Day One – Arrival

Day Two – Biscoitos

Day Three – Terra do Chama

Day Four – Serra de Santa Bárbara

Day Five – Doze Ribeiras and Angra do Heroísmo

Day Six – Serra do Cume

Day Seven – Rocha do Chambre

Day Eight – Departure

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For specific programs or to get information about the prices, please contact us.

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