Handcrafts, more than anything else, personify the richness of a heritage, vast and full of interesting motifs, projecting the particular lifestyle of the people: their inventiveness, their innate manual skills, a refined aesthetic sense, the natural association of the geographic environment and the distinctive, personal character.  The women of the island embroider linen with traditional motifs and produce delicate lacework. The bedspreads woven on looms follow an age-old tradition, when clothing for the family was made of wool and linen.

Basketwork, pottery, everyday objects made from local cedar wood,

and even the typical guitars played on festive occasions, are made by the men. Even today, the old looms are used to weave colorful woollen coverlets, used throughout the island as bedspreads, and are also draped from the windows to add color to local festivities.

Besides the local handcrafts that can be bought as souvenirs of Terceira Island, there is also a variety of shops to provide for your needs during your stay.

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