Tiago Azevedo

About Tiago

Tiago Azevedo is a painter and architect born on Terceira Island between the mystique of fog and fantastic landscapes that stimulate creativity and inspiration. After completing his degree in architecture, he worked in Portugal and Germany, completing important projects such as the restoration of the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich.

Although painting has always been his passion and motivating force, it was his understanding of the form and proportion acquired in architecture that led him to pursue painting as a career. Since discovering the value of following his dreams, he has participated in numerous exhibitions in cities around the world and earned the respect of international audiences and critics.

Tiago exhibited at the Louvre in Paris and Rome at an event held by the Vatican, a perfect match with the religious character of his art. He also exhibited in New York, which brought him closer to artists, galleries, publishers and art collectors from around the world.

About Terceira Island

Summer on Terceira Island is his favorite season of the year, as it allows to enjoy all the activities that the island offers.

Two of his favorite places are Algar do Carvão and Lagoa das Patas.

If a friend of Tiago comes to Terceira, he would recommend the natural pools of Biscoitos because it is one of his favorite bathing destinations and the city of Angra do Heroísmo because it is a wonderful world heritage city.

Tiago’s favorite festivals/celebrations are the summer festivities that exist all over the island and the   “Bôdo” Festivities (religious traditional festivities).

On a gastronomic level, Tiago loves and recommends the Pork greaves and the traditional Alcatra .

Fun story on Terceira…

Almost getting caught by a bull in Biscoitos rope bullfights is a frightening but fun experience to remember.

For Tiago, a perfect day in Terceira is a wonderful summer day when the sun shines and it is possible to head to the beach after exploring the magnificent natural beauty of the island.


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