Why Terceira Island?

The Island is welcoming, accessible and safe, with a pleasant climate; it is rich in legends and traditions and offers great challenges.

It is rich in biodiversity and there is plenty to see and do. Besides its stunningly beautiful landscapes, the island has a unique heritage. Palaces, stately homes, convents and churches from the splendor of the renaissance, forts, fortresses, landscaped gardens, streets and alleys full of life and color explain why the central zone of town of Angra do Heroísmo was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO, in 1983.

The Island offers the tourist numerous adventures: whale-watching, diving in the Atlantic, walks or bicycle rides through enchanted forests and past crater lakes, sport fishing, canoe trips around the island, balloon rides, golfing and plenty of other activities, to suit all tastes and age groups.

You will be surprised by the kindness, cheerful disposition and hospitality of the locals. You can have an unforgettable experience, in a place where you can feel at peace.

in Nature

The Island – sublime and serene, which has the largest area of native forest in the archipelago, provides ideal conditions for walks through woods of endemic plants, where the remains of volcanic activity have produced formations with peculiar shapes. Terceira’s coastline is made up of headlands, promontories and bays, with scenery of rare beauty.

Terceira’s Natural Park is the largest in the Azores, comprising 20 protected areas and the adjacent coastal zones, of which three have been classified as nature reserves (Serra de Santa Bárbara and Mistérios Negros, Biscoito da Ferraria and Pico Alto, and Terra Brava and Criação das Lagoas), and two have been classified as natural monuments (the Algar do Carvão and Furnas do Enxofre).

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Be it an adventure into nature, art and culture, food, local festivities or shopping, Terceira Island has all the ingredients for an unforgettable holiday.

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