Scheduled flights operate to and from the international airport located on the island of Terceira, with air travel being the most common way of getting to the island. Visitors can also reach the island by sea on a scheduled voyage or by using the services of a sea tourism company that links the different islands of the central group.
You can get to the island on a nonstop flight from some airports or catch a domestic connecting flight headed to the island of Terceira. Charter flights If you arrive on another island of the Azores on a charter flight, you need to buy a ticket to the island of Terceira from the local airline SATA. You should organize and book your connecting flight before you arrive to the archipelago.
There are more options in terms of sea travel during part of the spring and during the summer months, since fast boats and ferryboats become available allowing not only people but also cars to be quickly transported from one island to another. The company operating this routes is the Atlanticoline. And for those who do not have time to program the vacations our local travel agencies are a great option.
For land travel, there is the option of using public transport, a taxi service, car rental or transport provided by some tourist entertainment companies, travel agencies, or tourist developments. To facilitate your travel plan, you can find here the contacts of companies available for car and bicycle rental.