The Alcatra
of Terceira
The Alcatra from Terceira island is the World at the table!
on Terceira Island
With a strong, pleasant and very fruity aroma, with little caffeine. The edaphoclimatic characteristics of the Azores and the volcanic soils of the region are “decisive factors for the production of a unique coffee”
Verdelho from Biscoitos
Biscoitos vineyards protected area
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Gastronomy and Wine

If food is one of the reasons to travel, you are in the right place. For the people of Terceira Island, life is synonymous with festivities and festivities are synonymous with food and drink!

Stop wondering ...

The journey begins with the bowl and the age-old knowledge of earthenware vessels from the eastern Mediterranean, from which it retains the Arabic sound of its name. On Terceira Island, it consolidated its specific form, being the obligatory container for making this dish, religiously eaten by all those who celebrate, especially between Easter and Trinity Sundays, the Christian cult, of medieval European origin, to the Divine Holy Spirit. Between being cooked and roasted, rump has become, in the middle of the Atlantic, a meeting place for flavors, where the meat is surrounded by European laurel, black pepper and cloves from India and allspice from Jamaica. To be well done, it has to be prepared and cooked the day before and reheated a couple of times, in the wake of ancient cuisines with Iberian and Flemish roots. All of this is involved – in the bowl and in the glass – by a verdelho wine that has been grown on the islands since the Discoveries, by the sea and also worked for its aftertaste. The milk bread, neither sweet nor bitter, is just right to soak in the sauce and go with it!

Start living!

Cows are raised in pastures, free and happy, and their meat is juicy and tasty. There are quite a few meat dishes and we can find them all over the island, including typical ones, such as beef stews, pork rinds, blood sausages, linguiça sausages and rabbit meat, and simpler ones such as Angus beef on a stick or steaks that “melt” in your mouth. Organic production has become increasingly important in recent years and some open their doors to visitors, showcasing the whole cycle from the production site to the table. Small local farms are more likely to use sustainable practices and to grow a wider variety of crops. They grow unique vegetables that inspire you to cook.

Vinha dos Biscoitos Protected Landscape

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