Gastronomy and Wine

If food is one of the reasons to travel, you are traveling to the right place. People of Terceira Island take their culinary traditions seriously, and you’ll find that their meals are a celebration of life itself.  Life is synonymous with festivities and festivities are synonymous with food and drink!
The island is a paradise for gastronomy, where traditional Azorean dishes are made with fresh, local ingredients and served with pride.

Stop wondering ... and taste the Gastronomy of Terceira Island

Cows are raised in pastures, free and happy, and their meat is juicy and tasty. There are quite few meat dishes and we can find them all over the island, including typical ones, such as beef stews, pork rinds, blood sausages, linguiça sausages and rabbit meat, and simpler ones such as Angus beef on a stick or steaks that “melt” in your mouth.

However, the most traditional dish in Terceira Island is Alcatra. It’s a beef marinated in red wine, garlic and spices like cloves, allspice, then it’s roasted in a clay pot. A true culinary masterpiece from Terceira.

Start living, eating and drinking!

To sweeten the mouth, the emphasis is given to Dona Amélia cakes, where sugarcane honey and cinnamon are combined with currants and ciders. Legend has it that the name of the cake is associated with the passage of Queen D. Amélia through the island. The “Alfenim”, another sweet characteristic of the island, associated with the Feasts of Espírito Santo, consists of a sugar paste, transformed, by the skillful hands of the ladies, into works of art in the form of flowers, doves, chickens, swans and rabbits, a fantastic world of sugar and fantasy. There are also other options such as Conde da Praia, Cornucopia or Arroz Doce that complement the dessert list

If you are a wine lover, you have to taste the wines of Terceira Island. This place is home to several wineries, which produce a wide range of wines, including white, red, and sparkling wines. You will see that they are perfect to pair with local dishes, a goode example, is to pair a glass of red wine with the Alcatra dish. You are welcome.

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