By: Andreia Meneses, 38, Aesthetics professional

The Azores are undoubtedly 9 islands where you can breathe fresh air, health and vitality, authentic refuges for moments of relaxation and balance, providing the well-being of those who visit them. Each one of them has unique properties and characteristics that make them a source of pure and natural ingredients of enormous potential.

Terceira Island is distinguished by the experiences, traditions and activities it offers, which, when combined with specific health and wellness programs, is a complete and perfect combination for all those who visit us and especially for nature lovers. The numerous natural pools are a privilege, one of the most complete therapies, Thalassotherapy. It is a source of vital elements that allows you to have a virtuous action on physical and mental well-being. Along with this therapy, Terceira has several Spa programs, with perfect combinations, pure and unique, that allows to adapt to the specific needs of each person.



A prática de Yoga

Taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your exterior. Yoga, with its techniques, takes care of your body, mind and emotions, to strengthen you and bring you more health, tranquility and well-being.

On Terceira Island there are so many beautiful and favorable places for this activity, that the difficulty will be to choose only one. The island offers you a unique opportunity to practice Yoga, as you can choose from several environments over short distances. You can practice by the sea, with the horizon for company, or in the middle of nature, breathing fresh air and listening to the birds. You can choose the dark sand beaches, or the black basalt rocks.


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