Joel Neto

Joel Neto is the author of more than a dozen books of different genres, including Arquipélago (romance, 2015), A Vida no Campo (daily, 2016) and Meridiano 28 (romance, 2018), which reached the top of sales. Columnist of newspapers for over twenty years, he is translated into several languages ​​and regularly publishes in anthologies and Portuguese and foreign literary magazines.
He was born on the island of Terceira, in the Azores, and moved to Lisbon at the age of 18, to study International Relations. After almost two decades of work as a reporter, editor and editor in chief of most of the main Portuguese press organs, he returned to his native island in 2012, determined to dedicate himself entirely to literature. Since then he has lived in Dois Caminhos, Terra Chã, in the company of his wife and two dogs. There he writes and cultivates a vegetable garden, an orchard and a garden of azaleas.


VISIT: Serra do Cume, Achada plain, Caldeira Guilherme Moniz and Algar do Carvão; rural landscape, woods and lagoons between Cabrito, Serra de Santa Bárbara, Picos Gaspar and Gordo and Rocha do Chambre; historic center of the city of Angra do Heroísmo.

ACTIVITIES: walk along the trails of Rocha do Chambre, Passagem das Bestas, Lagoinha and Relheiras de São Brás; strolling through Monte Brasil, discovering the hidden fortifications and evoking history; enjoy picnics on the natural promontories of the interior and the coast of the island; making love outdoors.

SLEEP: Quinta do Martelo, Quinta das Mercês, Terceira Mar, Praia Marina and Hotel do Caracol.

EAT: Ti Chôa, Caneta, Beira Mar, Sabores do Chef, O Pescador, Q.B. and R3.

NIGHT: Sanjoaninas, Beach Parties, Bodo Festivals, Summer Patron Saints and Philharmonic Societies at Carnival.

SHOPPING: traditional trade in Angra.

By Joel Neto, 44 ​​years old, writer

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