Green Generation

GreenGeneration operates in two areas, sports activities in nature and active tourism experiences. We are a tourism and maritime tourism animation company, which provides unique experiences for our customers, always challenging from a physical and mental point of view.

Our concept was born in the tourist market of Terceira Island, highlighting the direct contact with nature, focusing on people and not on the masses, on something that gives pleasure to our customers. Our activities and experiences are aimed at people’s satisfaction and motivation, offering unique and customizable services, carrying out activities and experiences planned according to their characteristics, with the utmost rigor and safety.

Our offer is aimed at people who are passionate about nature and adventure, and who want to get to know Terceira Island and the Azores archipelago from a different perspective.

The main reason we build these bespoke activities and experiences is due to the fact that visitors to our destination do not have enough time and guidance to truly get to know nature and what the island has to offer. With us, people will be constantly accompanied and will have at their disposal solutions that will change their way of getting to know Terceira Island, such as through our “combined” service.

Our goal is to provide you with unique and fun moments, which unite health and nature, promoting your well-being, favoring contact with nature, which is an essential means of our life.

We have a fully available and qualified team at your disposal to inform, clarify or clarify any matter that may be of interest to you.

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