Parque dos Bravos

Parque dos Bravos is an adventure space created in 2019 and aimed at children and young people, it offers a unique connection with nature and aims to play an important role in the educational experience.

It is located in the João Paulo II Sports Complex, in the open air where, according to the different typologies, a set of equipment suitable for the development of children’s motor skills is available, favoring creativity, fun and agility and allowing them to work in a playful way. and dynamics the main skills and conditional and coordinative motor skills, with particular emphasis on flexibility, strength, rhythm, reaction, balance, spatial orientation and motor coordination.

Its use is intended for children and young people from 6 years old, and it is possible to adapt it to cover other users.

In the processing of all the infrastructures, it was taken into account that they were carried out using endogenous materials, with low cost, great resistance, safety and ease of construction. In its design and construction, it was intended that, both aesthetically and from an ecological point of view, it would have a low impact due to its simplicity and the ease of recycling the natural materials that are used.

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