Terceira Island Trails

Terceira Island Trails

The island has several official routes, duly marked, with different levels of difficulty and that can be carried out independently, or with specialized companies that help with interpretation and safety.

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Passagem das Bestas

Circular| Difficulty - Medium| 4 Km| 2h30

Rocha do Chambre

Circular| Difficulty - Medium| 8.8 Km| 2h30m

Algar do Carvão - Furnas do Enxofre

Circular| Difficulty - Medium| 6.6 Km| 2h30

Baías da Agualva

Linear| Difficulty - Medium| 3.8 Km| 2h00

Fortes de São Sebastião

Linear| Difficulty - Easy| 5.7 Km| 2h30m

Malha Grande - Biscoitos

Linear| Difficulty - Medium| 14.2 km| 3h30m

Mistérios Negros

Circular| Difficulty - Hard| 4.9 Km| 2h30m

Relheiras de São Brás

Circular| Difficulty - Easy| 5 Km| 2h00m


Linear| Difficulty - Medium| 6.8 Km| 2h30m

Monte Brasil

Circular| Difficulty - Medium| 7.4 Km| 2h30m

West Great Rout

Linear| Difficulty - Hard| 31.2 Km| 10h00m

Code of Ethics and Conduct for Pedestrians

1 – Carefully read the route map and instructions, checking if it suits your physical condition;

2 – Check the weather forecast and the trail conditions;

3 – Inform someone where you are going and the time of return;

4 – Make sure you have the necessary clothing and accessories;

5 – Take a first-aid kit, a mobile phone for emergency contacts and drinking water;

6 – Pay attention to brands and other landmarks;

7 – Stay on the marked route;

8 – Set a right rhythm and take breaks whenever necessary;

9 – Bring all the garbage with you and deposit it in an appropriate place;

10 – Do not take geological samples or disturb livestock;

11 – Close all the gates you open;

12 – Keep your pets under control.

13 – Download a brochure with self-protection measures to be adopted.

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Point of interest

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Wrong way

To the left

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Tours you will love

Cultural Tours From Terceira Island

Cultural Tours From Terceira Island

Terceira Island breathes culture through every pore. From the city of Angra do Heroísmo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to Praia da Vitória, the hometown of the writer Vitorino Nemésio. Passing through the various fortifications and empires scattered throughout the island, the local culture is strongly influenced by the interconection between the sea and the land, between the sacred and the profane, with reflections in the most varied traditions and customs. Don’t waste more time and look at the cultural tours you could on only in Terceira.

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Health and wellness in Terceira Island

Health and wellness in Terceira Island

Terceira Island offers a wide range of health and wellness programs, including spa treatments, yoga classes, and meditation sessions, all designed to promote physical and mental well-being. Visitors can also enjoy nature walks, outdoor activities, and healthy local cuisine as part of these programs. The island’s mild climate, stunning scenery, and peaceful atmosphere provide the perfect setting for rejuvenation and self-care.

A really refuge for moments of relaxation and balance. The island is well-connected with regular plane connections to an international airport, making it easily accessible. For those seeking relaxation and balance, Terceira Island has health and wellness programs adapted to individual needs. With its beautiful scenery, rich history, and diverse activities, Terceira Island is a must-visit destination.

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Horse Rides in Terceira Island

Horse Rides in Terceira Island

Life is about creating unique and unforgettable moments, like feeling the wind on your face and the ground flying under you, while you are horse riding.

Surrounded by the breathtaking scenery that the island has to offer, horse rides is a great option to relax, look at the sky, the green fields, and free your mind.

The connection to Terceira equines is something special, and you can feel it when you embark on this adventure. In 2014, the Terceira Island Pony was recognized as an autochthonous breed, a small, fast, intelligent, extremely docile and easy to handle animal.

If you want to create a unique moment, this is an excellent option for you, just make your reservation and prepare your heart.

Some say that horse rides are the closest thing to feeling total freedom.

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Bird Watching in Terceira

Bird Watching in Terceira

The island of Terceira is a hotspot for rarities and for the visit of endangered species, especially in and around Praia da Vitória. Due to its location and characteristics, the island provides migratory birds with refuge, feeding and resting areas.

The island features some internationally renowned bird-watching spots, including the marsh Paul da Praia da Vitória, located in the city’s urban center, which is rare in the region of Macaronesia, the marsh Paul da Pedreira do Cabo da Praia, internationally known as the best site in the Western Palearctic for spotting birds from North America, and the marsh Paul do Belo Jardim.

Bird watching should be done in a way that does not interfere with the natural behavior of the different species and preferably accompanied by a guide.

You can get more information about the places and birds to watch at:

Aves dos Azores, where to observe?

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Van Tours in Terceira, Azores Islands

Van Tours in Terceira, Azores Islands

If you are traveling with family or friends, this is an excellent option to visit the places of greatest tourist interest on the Island. You can see Terceira Island’s beauty scenarios, such as forests with endemic plants, rolling hills, rugged coastlines, and volcanic landscapes. Van tours provide an ideal way to see the island’s natural beauty and take in the stunning vistas from the comfort of a vehicle.

Besides van tours provide a convenient and comfortable way to explore Terceira Island, with pick-up and drop-off services available from your accommodation. They are highly customizable, allowing you to choose the destinations and activities that interest you. This allows you to create a tour that fits your interests and schedule, making the most of your time on the island.

A pleasant tour that will allow you to get to know the island, its emblematic places, in comfort and without major concerns.

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Golf Terceira Island

Golf Terceira Island

By Visit Portugal

“Tall pine trees, colorful flowers (mainly azaleas and hydrangeas), several natural lakes and impeccably maintained facilities make the Terceira Island Golf Course an integral part of the natural beauty of the island. Additionally, the availability of several tees in each hole provides it with a touch of a championship course and turns the game into an unforgettable experience. The 18th hole (par 3) is considered the most difficult of the course, because the green slopes considerably, has difficult to read putting lines and is protected by trees and lakes. But reaching it means that you have left behind some very demanding tests for golfers of all levels, such as the 10th hole (a par 4 that crosses a ravine and has a water hazard in front of the green) and the 17th (a long par 5 with a water hazard that makes the approach quite challenging).”

Best Golf courses on Terceira Island

One of the most well-known golf courses on Terceira Island is the Terceira Island Golf Course, located in the city of Angra do Heroismo. The course is surrounded by stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Serra do Garajau, making it a beautiful and peaceful place to play. The course features 18 holes and is considered to be challenging, yet enjoyable for golfers of all skill levels.


Another popular golf course on Terceira Island is the Praia da Vitoria Golf Course, located in the town of Praia da Vitoria. This course features 9 holes and is known for its well-manicured greens and fairways and its friendly and welcoming staff.

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Other Outdoor activities to do in Terceira

Adventure Experiences

Adventure Experiences

For the more fearless the island offers ideal conditions for the practice of adventure activities, and even radical ones, such as Rappel, Slide, Canyoning and Coasteering.

Rappel and Slide are activities where adrenaline is constant. They use the ropes or steel cables as support, either for maneuvering, crossing obstacles or unevenness. They can be integrated activities in mountaineering, climbing, canyoning, cascading and other vertical activities. The Slide can allow you to get a feel close to flying, where in a privileged location you can enjoy the landscapes of the island.

Canyoning is a sporting and recreational activity that consists of the descent of embedded water courses and with strong slopes, using abseiling, jumps, detrepes or toboganes to cross the obstacles. This water and mountain activity allows you to discover fascinating landscapes and includes a very attractive recreational component. Although there are only three courses in Terceira, it is worth mentioning the high interest of Agualva’s canyoning, which is technically easy and short but very beautiful and capable of providing a great value experience. Currently there are companies on the island that provide experiences of this activity, including baptism of canyoning.

Coasteering is one of the most fun and unique ways to get to know the coast of Terceira island  where you can try various activities such as swimming, climbing, waterfalls and hiking. You may know places that would otherwise be inaccessible. On the island, there are two perfect spots to practice this activity, where you can get in touch with marine life and explore some of the many sea caves that Terceira has to offer.

These are activities that must be practiced with the maximum security reason why it is advised to be carried out with a company of the specialty.

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Off-road Rides Through Terceira Island

Off-road Rides Through Terceira Island

Thinking about motorsports like Jeep or ATV, is thinking about adventure and adrenaline. But combining all this emotion with stunning landscapes makes this an activity that is not only exciting but also unforgettable. Terceira Island features a range of landscapes, including lush forests, rugged coastlines, rolling hills, and volcanic landscapes, making it an ideal destination for off-road rides.

Strolling through the heart of the island, where the green is predominant and the air is fresh. The island’s challenging terrain, with its steep inclines, rocky roads, and rough tracks, provides an exciting and demanding off-road experience for riders.

Whether you’re a seasoned off-road rider or a beginner, you’re sure to find a ride that suits your skills and interests. Walking along the coast, where to look at the horizon, and contemplating the immensity of the sea that accompanies us, gives us a small sample of what “Being Ilhéu” is.

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Terceira Island Bike Tours

Terceira Island Bike Tours

You can take bike tours around the island. There are tours available for all tastes and degrees of difficulty. Whether through dirt tracks that cross mountain ranges featuring rich endemic fauna and flora or leisurely pedal along scenic roads lined with hydrangeas and passing through charming villages, striking landscapes and places of great cultural interest, there is always a lot of excitement waiting for you.

You can easily explore the island autonomously, but if you are guided by a qualified professional, you will certainly not miss any of the island’s best spots.

Book below your bike adventure for today!

Did you know that?
Bikotel Lodgings
Terceira Island has a network of bike friendly accommodations with associated cycling routes. The Bikotel lodges are provided with unique services and infrastructures necessary for bicycle lovers that allow specialized assistance and greater comfort for those who choose this service.

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