Império do Espírito Santo da Fonte do Bastardo

The Império do Espírito Santo da Fonte do Bastardo, is located in the parish of Fonte Bastardo, municipality of Praia da Vitória.

It is part of the Historical and Religious Heritage Inventory of Praia da Vitória. It is a construction that dates back to the first quarter of the 20th century, namely to the year 1913, and is located on the current path, in the so-called place of Terreiro da parish.

The Empire of this parish has three crowns of the Holy Spirit with the respective scepters and salvers, three flags and 12 sticks/torches. The period of the Festivities of the Holy Spirit begins on Easter Sunday and ends on Trinity Sunday, that is, when the second bodo takes place – Bodo da Trindade.

There are, therefore, eight weeks of festivities counting on the two bodos: the first, on Pentecost Sunday and, the second, on Trinity Sunday.

At the end of the afternoon of the first or second bodo, the person in charge of the butlers’ team, the “Procurador”, presents the account report of these events before the people of the parish. Then, the portfolios are drawn for the allocation of “Domingas” by the brothers who wish to pay promises and the constitution of the new team of butlers for the following year is made known to those present.

The emblems or insignia of the Holy Spirit (crown, scepter and flag) remain in each of the eight commemorative weeks of this cult at the home of an “emperor” drawn in the previous year.

Once the festive period of worshiping the Divine Holy Spirit is over, the insignia at the end of the second bodo feast are taken to the home of the person awarded the “first Sunday” of the following year and remain there for five weeks, at the end of which they go to their home. of the person contemplated with the “second Sunday” and so on until they reach the residence of the person who fell to the fate of the “eighth Sunday”, that is, the second bodo – Bodo da Trindade.

This circuit is repeated every year. In the bodo festivities, after the celebration of the coronation mass, bread and wine are distributed among the inhabitants of the parish and by all the outsiders who, at the time, are in the place where the bodo takes place.

After the distribution of the bodo and after the lunch/function offered to all the emperor’s guests, the people of the parish gather, in the afternoon, in the terreiro, where the empire is located, to fraternize and enjoy the festivities.

Normally, in this place, massa sovada, lupins, wine and drained beans are offered to all those present, while listening to the parish philharmonic concert.


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