Império do Espírito Santo do Cantinho

The Império do Espírito Santo do Cantinho or São Francisco das Almas, is located in the parish of São Mateus da Calheta, municipality of Angra do Heroísmo, located in Terra Alta.

The approval of its statutes dates from 1857, but it is estimated that parties were already taking place in this property much earlier. The festivities of the ancient cult of the Holy Spirit in Cantinho take place on the so-called 2nd bodo, that is, on the Sunday of the Holy Trinity.

The festivities begin on the aforementioned weekend with a fair, singing, etc., and end on Corpus Christi Thursday with a rope bullfight. On Bodo Day, Sunday of the Holy Trinity, the procession of the Holy Spirit takes place from the butler’s house to the Hermitage of S. Francisco das Almas, where a festive mass is celebrated followed by the coronation.

After the conclusion of this liturgical act, the procession goes to the empire and then bread (massa sovada) and wine are distributed to the people present, followed, whenever possible, by the traditional lunch/function for the butler’s guests. , consisting of soups, stew, rump, bread, sovada dough, wine and juices. At the end, the traditional rice pudding is served. In the afternoon there is an arraial, where people go snacking, drinking and socializing.

During the afternoon, there are auctions for the offers made to the empire and, at night, lighting, with performances, when possible, by music groups. At the end of the festival, the portfolios are drawn and the stewards are appointed for the following year.


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