Império do Espírito Santo de São Bento

The Império do Espírito Santo de São Bento, is located in the parish of São Bento, municipality of Angra do Heroísmo, located in the space called Largo de S. Bento.

The construction of the Empire of S. Bento dates back to the 19th century, to the year 1886. The Empire of S. Bento holds 26 crowns of the Holy Spirit and four flags. The celebration always takes place on the second Sunday of July.

In the period that precedes the Sunday of the coronation, the “breeders’ supper” is held, the blessing and distribution of the meat, the daily prayer of the rosary, performances by folk groups, musical groups, artists, calves, the traditional tocata and cantata do pezinho, singing with various singers/improvisers from Terceira Island, etc. During these days, there are lighting and bazaar.

On Sunday, the coronation procession leaves the Império de S. Bento, accompanied by a philharmonic band and heads to the parish church where the festive coronation mass is celebrated. Once the liturgical celebration is over, the procession follows another route through the parish, ending in the empire, where “toasts” of massa sovada are distributed by the people present.

On the evening of the same day, the butlers for the next year are appointed. On Mondays, after working hours, there is a procession of offerings and the traditional milk bodo, followed by performances by musical groups.

This festive period ends with a rope bullfight on Wednesday, in Rua da Carreirinha and Largo de S. Bento, which brings together many fans and lovers of the fiesta brava from all over the island.

The feast of the Empire of S. Bento is characterized by having a fair full of colors, smells and flavors, where the conviviality with the religious and cultural ambience promotes the magic of these festive days in praise of the Divine Holy Spirit.


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